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Our Profile
M. PANAYI AERAGOGI LTD is one of the leading Cypriot companies in the field of air conditioning and ventilation with main object the manufacturing and installation of all types of air ducts, starting from 
raw materials and ending with the final form of standard air ducts and fittings.

Founded in 1996 M. PANAYI AERAGOGI LTD has slowly and steadily managed to establish itself in the field of design , manufacturing and installation of air conditioning ducts and ventilation systems in
large and small projects.
The quality of construction, prompt delivery and competitive prices ensures customer satisfaction, opening new horizons of cooperation with them.

The factory of M. PANAYI AERAGOGI LTD is located in the industrial area of Ayia Barbara in Paphos and occupies an area of 800m² (600m² production area, 150m² storage area and 50m² office space.


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TEL: (+357) 26 423600 | MOB: (+357) 99 655 431 | FAX: (+357) 26 423 601